Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Knitter in Training!

Both kids wore their sweaters today. Hannah wore hers yesterday too (and probably tomorrow).

However, she was upset because no one commented on her new, hand knit sweater.

I told her that unless someone knits, they would probably not recognize that her sweater was hand knit.



margene said...

The sweater is wonderful and your daughter looks very nice in it.
BTW, you'd love spinning;-)

African Kelli said...

The cuteness of your children are rivaled only by their sweaters.

JerseyGirl said...

That's such a cute picture of simon and hannah in their sweaters! =) You should be proud hannah wants to wear it more than once! Perhaps she'll get some compliments next time.

I love love love the mohair scarf, too! I thought it was beautiful when you posted the pattern and it came out just as nice when you made it!

I bought the shed-ender tool for ester; it didn't really do what I thought it would from the commercial. It works, it just doesn't remove as much hair at once as I had hoped. At least it wasn't a total ripoff though.

Paula said...

You have some *very* good-looking kids.

Kate said...

They are getting so big. I love the sweaters.

Abigale said...

Great job on the sweaters - and your models are just too cute!

The scarf is gorgeous as well - bet those ruffles took an age to knit - but it sure came out nice!

Maybe you should save your kitty fluff to spin up?


Patricia said...

I thought I recognized Hannah on Knit and Tonic!! Seriously, Simon's combed hair threw me -- but Hannah's smile is hard to miss.