Sunday, January 21, 2007


Don't ask me why, but I have been drooling over this scarf, from the Jan. 1, 2007 Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar since I opened the calendar on Christmas Eve.

Well, I read the Destash blog (and have sold items on the blog) and saw a post that included white, pink & red mohair. Why I did I need it??? I did not have enough mohair in the stash to make this scarf.

I have enough to make two more. I know they are fancy but, they will most likely go to the Dulann Project or the Pine Ridge Reservation. We have to be warm but it doesn't have to be boring!!! A wee bit girly for Red Scarf.

Also saw two movies this weekend at home.

1. Cars: Cute and when you read the voices, even better. Since David is a HUGE FORMULA 1 fan, the fact that Michael Schumacher actually voiced the Michael Schumacher Ferrari, was quite fun.

2. The Family Stone: I liked it a lot!


lexa said...

That sure is a fluffy looking scarf! Very nice indeed!

Miss Amy said...

Hey, I watched The Family Stone this weekend too. I thought it was a very cute movie. Great lookin' scarf! Great model too, she's too cute!

keri said...

That is a really cute scarf!

African Kelli said...

Super cute scarf. It looks so fancy! And do you have any ideas for me on a super basic cable hat? I'd like to learn cables, but need a basic pattern. I've got tons of books I could go through too.