Monday, January 08, 2007

Start-itis & FO (Failed Objects)

I have started a lot of things in 2006 that I can't seem to motivate back to finishing. Some will eventually be finished or restarted but there are some that will never see the light of day because I already ripped them out.

First, this is Birdsong's version of the Ice Cream Hat (She also inspired me to take a look at some failed knitting objects from 2006). I started it and realized that there would be a huge number of ends and I had to pick up a lot of stitches. Somehow, I couldn't motivate myself to continue on so it was frogged. Too much work for a little bitty hat.
I also started a shrug, twice. Um, it took me a long time to realize that being big busted is not a good body type to wear a shrug that effectively works as a neon sign saying "Look at Me". Yep, that one went to the frog pond.
I have a couple of pi shawls that I need to tink back on and finish for charity. They are so close but I realized I HATE knitting pi shawls. So, in an effort to avoid that problem, I tried to make the shawl below a 1/2 pi shawl. Well, that didn't work so well once I got to row see, with only 1/2 the stitches, it stops mid-repeat. This will be frogged this week.
I started a few things too....can't seem to motivate to do any knitting. My Dad needs slippers so I tried these. I don't like the way they look and I think he needs something sturdier with a sole and everything. So, I think LL Bean will be getting an order.
I started this scarf with leftover Misti Alpaca laceweight. For some reason, It wasn't working for me but I think I will try again on this in a couple of weeks. Easy, only 15 rows. I may do a provisional cast on since I have to pick up 92 stitches at some point with this scarf.
My Mom tried to take the fingerless gloves I made for my sister away from her at Christmas, even though they were green and my Mom loves purple. Since I had the Misti Alpaca leftover from the shawl I made her for Christmas, and the yarn matched her winter coat, I tried starting these last night on two short circulars but I think I will try them again on dpn's. If it works, I won't have to buy more yarn to make Mom a pair.I think maybe I just need a break and need to work on garter stitch scarves for awhile and leave the lace knitting for later, when my head is back into it.


Kelly said...

I love the new look to your blog. As for the slump, I always just do something else that I love (like cook) and let the natural urge to knit come to me. Hang in there, chica!

JoLene Treace said...

I am with Kelly. Give it some time and knit what is calling to you. Love the story about your mitts. VBG. Stealing grannies, what a visual. My mother would do the same thing, as would my sister (ask me how I know!)

Kate said...

Nice to see that you have some fo's too. Those fingerless mittens I have started knitting on too, in pink, sonder shere thsy have gone after the Christmas. I almost finish the first.....
And what is a pi shawl??

Ashley said...

Zesty new look! What a cute little soft-serve baby hat. MMM.

Sorry you're frogging so much, but just think of all the "new" yarn you'll have. I love the blue used in that half-pi, is it silk?

I too have found that shrugs don't work with my figure. I have problems with button up shirts too, do you? I always think I look matronly in them, and revert to the old standby v-neck sweater.

photogmichelle said...

I love all of the pictures, even if some of them won't see the light of day any longer. So funny about you posting about the ice cream hat. My grandma just showed me a finished hat and it is the same one. She didn't mind all of the ends.

Gina said...

I want to knit those sooo bad! I just hope I can do it!!! Hope everything is good wiht you!