Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is the view within 3 minutes of driving away from the airport. Rolling VERY GREEN hills and fields. They remind me of growing up in Minnesota. You just do not see that kind of green in Arizona.
Funny thing about the Northwest Arkansas Regional can park your car right outside in the drop off and pick up zone to wait for whomever you are picking up. I don't think that is true all day but later in the evening, around 8 pm, there were probably 20 cars parked out front waiting and no airport security to make them move. That would never happen in Phoenix.

I had a late dinner at this steak restaurant. The food was good, there were peanuts on the table to shell and then you could throw your shells on the floor. Reminds me of a restaurant when I was growing up.

I had some of the best fried okra in my life at this restaurant! Light and crunchy!

Now, here is a quiz for you. What does that look like? Um, to me it looks like a wet bar in my room.
That might be a wet bar but I'd have to drive to the next county over if I wanted to put anything stronger than a soft drink in it. I kinda figured that was the case so I asked my waitress what their liquor laws were like at dinner. Not surprisingly, this is a dry county, and even if you drive to the next county, you have to go to the municipal liquor store and it is NOT open on Sunday.

Oh, and the restaurants can serve alcohol becuase they are "designated" as clubs so they can get a special license to serve alcohol.

Ah, the south. We are definitely not in Arizona anymore where you can buy adult beverages at the grocery store and even wine & beer at Target....even on Sunday but not until after 10 am.

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