Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birthday Continues

Birthday presents in the morning. I am not sure how this happened but we seem to open birthday presents in the morning. Simon opened a gift that had a self inflating balloon which he thought was cool.
"I know this one is books"...yeah, yeah, yeah but he is excited to read them.
Bugs, must have bugs for a 6 year old boy.
Oh, and webkinz tiger snake. Um, I thought I bought the boa constrictor. Oh well, still a snake. ;))
And a gift going in the mail. A quilted water bottle holder off to a friend for her birthday!


Diane said...

Sarah, Simon is growing into such a handsome boy. From pictures he seems so much older!

African Kelli said...

Aw, how cute is he? Sarah, his eyes are so pretty. Don't tell him I said that. Tell him I thought his new snake looked fierce.

Birdsong said...

It's so wonderful being around kids that age! A happy belated birthday and a wish for well-deserved rest for mama after all the excitement.