Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hay and bathrooms

The kids & I have a joke about hay. If we see it in the field or on a truck or anywhere, someone yells "hey". If you say "WHAT" you have lost the contest.

I was driving back to the airport in Arkansas and had to take a picture of all this "hay".

I also rate how I travel by the bathroom. The worst bathroom I have ever encountered was in Siberia...did not take a photo but I do see it in my head. Still ick.

Anyway, the first time I saw these "rotating" toilet seat covers was in Louisville , Kentucky in about 1996. I was in a restaurant with some friends and we had a few adult beverages.

I was laughing so hard when I came back from the bathroom I could hardly speak because I had never seen a toilet seat cover that rotated when you pushed a button. I still laugh now.
I had not seen one since until the bathroom at the Northwest Arkansas Airport. Seeing the cover brought it all back to me and I am still laughing. Hmmm...maybe you should not ask a former microbiologist about toilet seat covers since the dirtiest place in the bathroom is probably the door handle on the way out and not the toilet seat.

Only in the south???? If anyone in the north has seen these, please let me know where. ;)


eva said...

I first saw one of these about 2 months ago in Connecticut. I totally didn't get it at first, which is particularly funny as I am a staunch toilet seat cover user. I don't know that they actually work, but psychologically they work, and that's all that matters. :)

JerseyGirl said...

They've had rotating toilet seat covers at Midway Airport in Chicago since at least the early 1980s...I remember being fascinated with them when I was a kid! I've only ever seen them a couple other random places in my life though.

datatech57 said...

The first time I saw rotating toilet seat covers was at the Kennedy Center. I have seen them other places since then. One time, one of them had reached the end of the roll and was showing an indicator stripe. I still used the loo. I never mess with toilet seat covers unless they have a push button or sensor. Then, I laugh.


Brat said...

OK I have NEVER seen anything so cool before. I can think of a few dozen places I'd like to see these installed.

Diane said...

Ok, rotating seat covers are new to me too!

Theresa said...

Chicago's Ohare airport has them too. I sometime suspect it is just for show ... as in it's the same plastic cover rotating around giving you the impression that it is a clean, new cover, but it's not really.