Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wine Tasting in Sonoma

I went to Sonoma this weekend to visit my friend Diane and her family for a wine tasting. This is part of the spread put out by VJB Winery.
Here is the table of wine with the gorgeous gorgeous green gladiola that Diane said she got for me because I love them. Um, yes, we did enjoy ALL the wine.
Diane on the right with one of her friends.
Diane's daughter, Jen, on the right with some other guests.The hostess with the mostest with me! ;))
I have wine coming my way to Arizona in the near future. Thanks for a great evening. (The two hour wine tasting ended 7 hours later. The sign of a good party.)


The Queen said...

You were in Sonoma and you didn't e-mail me??

I'm HERE -- and I'd have taken you yarn hunting.


African Kelli said...

Looks like you two had such a great time! Bravo!
And Diane is gorgeous!

Catherine Kerth said...

oooooo, how fun! thanks for the weight comment. yup, i'm down 15 pounds... i want to lose another 15 and i'm doing it the very slow way! maybe i'll reach my goal by christmas (a full year!)
you're looking pretty fab yourself i must say ;) you look so relaxed withe good company.