Thursday, December 04, 2008

It is my FRIDAY!

I am off for a long weekend to California to visit my girlfriend, Diane, for her holiday party.

I had one more day at work and this is the sunrise on my way.....Sorry for the telephone lines but I wanted to capture the color. I love living in the desert.
This afternoon we had a retirement party for a colleague at a local restaurant called Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar. I am a big lover of pretty plates and food. We had this platter to start included a bunch of cheeses, fruit, nuts and olives.
For dessert one of the gals in our group picked up a yummy chocolate cake and an assortment of other desserts. Very pretty.

Oh and the champagne was good too.

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Margene said...

The West does have the best sunsets. We had two beauties this week!