Monday, December 22, 2008


I had a few extra kids home, single Mom' home, got a few more.

here is Simon & Kyle in the Captain Underpants reading tent after the junket to the library.

The girls after some stash diving into my yarn bins. A whole lotta finger weaving going on.
boy's still in the reading tent!
A good day with good friends.


Kate said...

Hello Sarah, I wish you and your children a happy happy Christmas. Right now I'm a bit happy for having a white Christmas, but I hope the snow disapear in January, he he.

Diane said...

As usual you are crazy busy. looks like lots of fun!

Having a great time in Truckee with the kids. A definite winter wonderland up here.

Have a merry Christmas Sarah! So fun to hear that your birthday continues on. Yes, the best gift is the gift of friendship and love, and I do value ours!