Saturday, December 20, 2008


Being mostly German, we used to have potato sausage on Christmas Eve for dinner and I am continuing that tradition with my children. There are two places in Phoenix that sell it, the gourmet grocery and Stanley's Sausage. If I can, I try to get to Stanley's because it is a locally owned business. Their sausage shop it about the size of a postage stamp.
And there was a 20 minute line. They make all kinds of sausages plus perogi's. I tried to get 3 dozen potato perogi's but the lady just laughed and said she might have more than 1 dozen later....I bought the last dozen.
It continues to be my birthday...a necklace set and handmade purse from my Mom.
Sassy Sweet Treats cookies from my friend Kristina. Yum, I already ate some white chocolate & cranberry cookies. Kristina's friend owns the company.
And a travel jewelry case from one of my college friends, Tamara.
Half the inside...the other half holds necklaces.
Another gift I felt on my birthday was friendship and love. I had so many well wishes sent to me starting at 12:18 am on my birthday and right through to the evening. I got so many gifts of love that could not be wrapped and I felt blessed all day and continue to do so each and every day for my family and the "family of friends" that I have in my life.
I am LOVING 40.

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