Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday in Tucson

We took a road trip to Tucson with friends today. The kids made snowflake necklaces and then....
they decorated A LOT of Christmas cookies. Wendy's Mom has all the cookie cutters my Mom had as a kid.
While the kids were making cookies we headed to the craft fair. We both bought baskets from Chopstick Art.

Wendy tried on crazy hats...

A photo to prove I was actually in Tucson.
I love the t-shirts....Would you like to buy a vowel, the smiley face with blood & a bullet hole and my favorite..."Don't make me open this" with a can of whoop ass.

Toying with getting one to commemorate the peace and happiness I have today in my life.
While we were away, the kids also played in the fort....
And Hannah enjoyed the kitty....
I have never seen a cat with white whiskers.
The cookies Grandma Sandy made for the kids. A tradition with their family.
My basket flat....
And in use with the oranges from a friend's tree. A great way to recycle old chopsticks and make a fantastic basket.
I have a friend that works at Saab that was driving a convertible when I met him while in town from Sweden. Recently he said he thought it was bad that I did not have a Saab (I drive a minivan) and said it would be great if I had a 900 convertible.
Yesterday, I got my Saab convertible in the mail. Thank you for the 40th birthday wishes. Maybe the next time you visit from Sweden we can work on the Saab employee discount for me. ;)

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Diane said...

Looks like bnoth you and thre kids had a great time yesterday! I used to do cut out cookies and decorate them every year with Jen and her firends. Still enjoy doing it. Love the basket made out of chop sticks. Great idea nad looks really cool. Enjoy your Saab!