Tuesday, March 03, 2009


but my kids don't...every now and again, I buy salad and make a different dinner for me than the kids have. Tonight was one of those nights since the grocery store had $1 lazy lettuce and I was craving a salad. So, I rustled up these items from the fridge.
And then realized I should make a salad for lunch tomorrow since I have a conference call over the 2 hours I might think of taking lunch. So, I started adding items to my salad container. Unlike a "normal" salad, this one you load from the normal top down (meaning the lettuce is last). The lid has a spot for storing dressing.
My finished "free" lunch from what I have in my refrigerator already. Love a veggie (and tuna) lunch for free. I also really like this salad container. I have had it for about a year or so and still think the fit-fresh containers ROCK.I also have the lunch on the go container, 4 breakfast chillers (from my ill fated thought my kids would eat breakfast I packed at their summer program) and the fruit & veggie bowl. I find all of these containers well thought out and they come with their own freezer pack so what is not to love??

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Diane said...

Looks really tasty Sarah and healthy! I enjoy salad but much more in the warmer months. It's hard for me to eat much salad during the colder months of winter. Of course wehere you live, you have salad weather all year round! Love the container you have! Is that a Tupperware container or did you pick it up somewhere else? Pretty slick.