Sunday, March 08, 2009

Renaissance Festival

We went with friends to the Renaissance Festival with some friends today! Here is a nice man who is trying to do a scientific experiment where somehow Hannah gets her head cut off. Simon was totally ready to put Hannah up as a guinea pig!
But...she didn't do the experiment and found a jump rope instead.
The biggest thing my kids love to do is the is Simon &
Hannah getting harnessed up...
to jump on the trampolines with bungee cords.Simon went much higher than he had in previous years. Here is our friend, Georg on the trampoline.
We also visited the petting zoo.
Georg loved the sheep.
There was also a tug of war the kids all participated in.....
The big attraction for Simon was the butter churning. He LOVED it!
All the kids got along so well. They all rode on the carousel together and had a good time.
A family photo just before leaving the festival.
We also had a quick visit with Grandma & Grandpa. Grandma taught the kids a new dice game.
A great Sunday!

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Diane said...

Looks like big fun - especially the bungee cord/trampoline! Nice ending to the fatenoon visiting with Grandpa and Grandma. If I havebn;t said it before I will now, I like your hair. Another fun-filled weekend with your clan!