Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend Review

We have stuck close to home this weekend. Hannah had a "pool party" on Saturday. Um, I was tired it when it was done. Simon also had a friend over, less fighting, and a good time was had by all.

Hannah & her friends.
I do have to say that I was surprised that the parent of the one the girls, who I did not know until Saturday, never called or spoke with me about the party. I guess David & I are pretty over protective about our children going to a house with a pool and want to speak with the parents, see the house, etc. as we drop them off.

Is it me or is it surprising that I could pick the girl up, ask if the Mom wants to talk to me or anything (the girl called herself to RSVP) and the 6th grade brother says "no, thank you" and off I take her 8 year old daughter WHO DOESN'T SWIM AT ALL?

Me, I want to see the house, meet the parents and get a handle on things AND know the location of my child. Overprotective, I know, but wow, 8 is a long way from grown up. Ok, Ok, off my soap box because we all know that I am not the Queen of all parents and certainly would not win any prizes.

Here the girls are running off lunch.
I have finished nearly 5 pairs of mittens. Ironically, based on the size of the mittens and the color repeats, I appear to be getting "pairs" of mittens based on the self striping. However, they don't necessarily come in order. However, I am pretty sure I have the 5 pairs and may try and finish a 6th pair.
Our water softener overflowed today so it facilitated us (mostly David) to clean out the garage. I took 4 Rubbermaid bins to Goodwill of baby toys. We can now get both cars in the garage.
And, my progress on the "Moth" shawl. I am in the 5th of 14 body repeats.
It is a well written pattern but might be a wee bit tricky if you haven't knit lace before or are a beginner knitter. Otherwise, so far, a pretty reasonable knit pattern.

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anne said...

thank you for showing your moth shawl! no, it is not a beginner pattern at all—this one takes a bit of experience.