Thursday, September 07, 2006


Six pairs of mittens off to Ann for the Cheyenne River (Lakota Sioux) Reservation, located in Eagle Butte, SD. I originally got the info from the Knitting for Change blog.

All mittens are 50% wool & 50% soy silk. Weird how, both colors are the SAME yarn but the purple ones turned out bigger. The yarn was quite a bit thicker. We tried a mitten on 3 girls Tuesday night at Coffee Rush and it appears the smaller ones will fit a 3 yo, 5 yo and 7 yo. The purple ones will fit probably 7-9 yo's.

And, I got some "gifts" from Renee. They were both give aways on her blog. A beaded ring and a pretty hair barrette. Hannah has take both items!

Thanks Renee!


Ashley said...

Those mittens are too cute. I love how the stripes show off the different construction.

I can't wait to see your knitspot moth shawl. I found that pattern a few days ago and fell in love the smokey grey on her blog. At your encouragement I picked up a lace scarf, have only knit 4 repeats in as many months, and I'm already looking for giant shawl patterns. I blame you!!! =)

Poor Simon, with the shiner. Tell him he looks like a roughneck, that might help him out. At four, he hasn't realized they guy mentality that just because it happened by falling out of bed doesn't mean that's what you tell your pals.

mf said...

Great mittens and gifts ;o)

Catherine Kerth said...

oooooooo, i love the way the colors worked up on those mittens! too pretty :)