Monday, September 25, 2006


I was reading blogs this morning and saw Susan's gorgeous Forest Canopy Shawl over on Birdsong's blog.

So, I started knitting it early this morning AFTER I finished another diaper soaker. I just need to sew on the velcro to the two of them and hopefully get them off before the baby comes. This is how far I knits so QUICKLY. It is a very good beginner lace pattern.

I am using hand painted Merino Superwash Wool from Angelia (SP8). She got it from Lancaster County Yarns & Wool.

And, here is the lace weight wool/mohair mix from Kathy that I won in a contest. It is 50 grams Touch Yarns of lace yarn. I think it is enough for a scarf...probably about 400 ish yards. Hmmm...that is just enough to make a second Forest Canopy Shawl!
Oh, and she also sent the cute Halloween candles. How did she know Simon LOVES Halloween??

Thank you Kathy!


margene said...

The yarn is so pretty! Enjoy knitting Susan's pattern. She's so good at design!

Paula said...

That pattern is very pretty. Is it written for sportweight yarn (seems to be what the Mountain Colors is) or does she include adjustments for different weights?

Though the Mountain Colors comes in such pretty colorways I'm tempted to just go order it.