Monday, October 16, 2006

Amy Butler Downtown Handbag

I have never tried the Amy Butler Designs pattern before but I have to say, this was a VERY EASY pattern.

I picked up the fabric at Zoe's Trunk in Chandler on Sunday. The pattern called for 3/4 yard but if I had bought 1 yard, I could have also made the Uptown Handbag. I have "some" fabric left but not enough...unless I make it just a wee bit smaller. I might do that and put the green on the outside with short handles.

Inside of the bag. Next time I will add a cell phone pocket inside.
I used padded interfacing instead of the one recommended for the whole thing. It gives the bag some nice structure and it stands up on its own!

I am thinking holiday gifts.....maybe.


Creative Genius? said...

It looks fantastic! I'm impressed!

African Kelli said...

Super, super cute. LOVE it! Good for you! Where did you find the padded interfacing?

keri said...

how cute, I love it!