Sunday, October 01, 2006

Forest Canopy Finished

I finished binding off last night. Here she is pre-blocking....

Taking a bath in wool wash & warm water.....

The yarn I had left after binding off. Yes, it was tight. I had to rip back 8 rows after misreading the final border instructions and the bind off was not quite as elastic as I wold have liked but it still blocked out pretty well. The yarn, superwash wool from Lancaster Yarns and a gift from SP8.
I have been lucky lately.....I won this nail polish from a contest in the East Valley Tribune last Sunday.
Hmmm...I better go check my lotto tickets. I won $7 last week.

Photos of a new 'do & Forest Canopy Blocked.


YarnB said...

You keep winning things!!!!!!!!! You are on a roll with good luck! The shawl is so pretty! I can't believe you finished it that quickly.

JJ said...

I bought the nail polish that is 2nd from the right. I love it!

Enjoy your vacation!