Friday, October 13, 2006

Final Day in Fort Lauderdale

We spent it at the pool & at the beach!

The hotel had stuff for the kids around the pool on Saturday.

That included face painting.

Hmm...maybe Simon will be a tiger for Halloween.

Hula Hoop contests. (I still can't hula hoop but boy, some of those little girls were good!)

They built sand castles & boogy boarded with Auntie Naomi.
And searched for buried treasure with David.
After our last day of fun in the sun, we headed out for dinner before Dad & my sister, Naomi, headed down to Miami Beach.

Thank you Naomi for driving down from Orlando to see us!!!

Grandpa & the winkies in the hotel lobby.
The moon over the ocean. This is the view from our balcony. Who knew I could figure out the night setting on the camera??
And, some knitting content. I took 800 yds of lace weight yarn on vacation. Do you know how much I knit??? Maybe 100 yds worth.

I finished these for Alison before I left. She is ready to have her little boy very soon!

And, my sock pattern is in the new issue of "For the Love of Yarn".

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Jody said...

Saw the diapers on Alison's blog - they're fabulous. Thank you from a grateful grandma!