Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 1

A whole lotta travel!

We left the house at 6 we round the corner from the house, my check engine light goes on. Ack, back to the house, get everyone and all the luggage into David's much smaller car. It was tight.

Simon & I dropped off David & Hannah to fly Continental, parked the car & then took the bus to Terminal 3 for US Airways.

This was Simon's first airplane ride that he remembers.

I asked if Simon could look at the cockpit with the full expectation that they would say no. However, the co-pilot took him up there and let him jump into the pilot's seat.

Doesn't he look at home???
After a long day of flying, we all met up in Fort Lauderdale and headed to our hotel to get something to eat and SLEEP!

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African Kelli said...

So sweet. I think you've got a future pilot there.