Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Musings

I saw this little convertible on my way to SnB last night. It reminded me of how much fun I had in my VW Cabrio convertible. Mine looked just like this but it was dark green with the taupe roof. Ah, I had a lot of fun with that car but then traded UP for my first minivan. I am on my 3rd minivan. Life changes but I sure did have fun in that car.

This is my current knitting project. It was my mindless vacation knitting. It is ArtYarns Merino & Mohair. The pattern is from Exquisite Little Knits.

The Wings of the Moth shawl is in time out because I am starting the 2nd chart and I can't seem to get the pattern to line up with the new markers, which means I need to count 400 stitches and figure where I went wrong!
I found this FREE Amy Butler Pattern online. I have just enough fabric left over from my bag to make one of these and maybe even a few flowers.
I'd probably have 5 more of the shoulder bags if I had fabric I liked because the Downtown Purse was such an easy pattern. Do I hear the call of a fabric store???? Why, yes, I think I do!

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Anonymous said...

I had a VW convertible for my very first car. Back then, it was still called a "Rabbit". It was green, with a tan roof, and I drove that thing until it pretty much fell to pieces. What a fun car it was! My DH still talkes about how much he misses that car...