Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 4: The Everglades

We drove down to Miami Beach (South Beach area) to pick up the kids from Dad & Linda.

Then, we took off for this Everglade tour park.
We took a ride on an airboat into the everglades.
Simon was looking for "stuff" in the water.
A view from the boat after we were through the channel. It was hot but thankfully, not mosquito season so we were saved getting eaten alive. I was glad I had brought 3 bottles of water along.
Next to some alligator characters.
Amazingly, we actually saw an alligator in the water. I figured we were dreaming about seeing on on the boat tour.
After the boat tour, I was "chosen" as a volunteer to "wrangle" an alligator. Theoretically, this alligator.
In the end, it was only 'THIS" little alligator.
Simon also wanted to wrangle it but David & Hannah wanted no part of it!
After we got back to Fort Lauderdale, we found a great Japanese/Thai restaurant. Sounds strange but actually just served food from both countries along with sushi. Great food at very reasonable prices.


African Kelli said...

Lordie you are braver than me! What a fun trip. Your kids will always remember this. And on a side note, loving your new hair.

mf said...

Sounds like fun! I wouldn't hold that thing either! Thai & Japanesse Sounds delicious!

YarnB said...

Looks like a great family trip and like a lot of fun! i can't believe you picked up the alligators like that. I was totally afraid of them!!!! Simon and Hanna are the cutest in photos!!!!