Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas & Knitting

We finally decorated the tree. Here it is at the beginning. I had to do some supervision since Simon thought a good way to tell if an ornament was glass was to tap it on the tile since he wasn't allowed to hang glass ornaments. Yeah, well, an ornament from 1976 is now history using that testing program. Ah well, that is the way it goes.
Finished. As you can see, it is filled as far up as the oldest child could reach. I am going to leave it that way.
I knit two Tudora's this weekend. The bind off was a bit fuzzy for new knitters but I figured it out. I need to find buttons for them but each of them is made from stash, worsted weight, Southwest Trading Company Karaoke.


Kate said...

Beautiful Christmas-three. We don't decorate ours before December 23. And those Tudora's is lovely, nice colours.

tocspaw said...

There is something jealousy-inducing about the fact that you can knit two Tudoras before I have even completed reading the pattern :-) The tree looks beautiful - your kids did a nice job!

Birdsong said...

Wow, you really took to this pattern! I wore mine all day yesterday, got lots of compliments and am so glad that I decided to keep the extra skein of yarn leftover to make matching fingerless gloves... won't we be swanky this winter!