Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ice Queen

I spent yesterday at Dad & Linda's where we had a nice prime rib with all the trimmings. It was a quiet Christmas since the kids were at their Dad's house but we had had our Christmas on Monday.

So...I was having problems with my Ice Queen pattern working out and yesterday sat down to figure out what the problem was by reading my knitting and the pattern again. Turns out I had read the pattern wrong and was repeating the wrong section. I thought when I started doing the 2nd repeat of 20 rows that I thought I was supposed to do 16 times that I was going to run out of yarn and that would have been true since I was only supposed to repeat a 4 row pattern.

Needless to say, the knitting returned to its original state. I have to be honest, I was not sure the Kidsilk Haze was going to allow itself to be ripped out but it did so I am well off to another start which I will work on tonight.


photogmichelle said...

It is really pretty. I certainly hope it works out, can't wait to see it.

Kate said...

I really wish it works out for the next try.
And I hope you are having a nice Christmas, and my best wishes for 2008.