Saturday, December 22, 2007


What a good Friday. I am part of an online cooking group and we do a gift exchange every year. This year, I got a great gift from Truckee, CA. It included home made chili sauce, a cookbook about chiles and indestructible spatulas! How did they know I melt them? Thanks Jen!
I took the kids to the park after school and they played on the swings....
slides and lava tubes (as Hannah calls them). She was doing her own version of a Survivor Challenge, along with Jeff Probst like commentary!
I also helped with Hannah's class party.
Here she is with her friend Maddie.

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Margene said...

WOW! You're on the playground and we're buried in snow. May your Christmas be Merry and bright! The best to you and your darling children, too.