Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Casts & Use What You Have Tuesday

Today Simon became cast free! Here he is getting his cast removed. See that happy smile??
When we got home, I made dinner from the freezer. First...I got out the mandolin.
sliced up brats that were cooked awhile ago and put in the freezer. Usually the package has 5 brats but we only eat 3 and I have two left over. The 4 leftover brats became dinner tonight.
Add spaghetti sauce and pasta....makes a great dinner from stuff already in the freezer!


Diane said...

I can imagine how happy Simon is to get that cast off his arm! Glad things have healed well and quickly. Well, quick to me. I am sure it seemed much longer to Simon. Your pasta dish looks creative and yummy. I used to use my mandoline a quite frequently and now I never get it out. Guess I should bring it toward the front og the cabinet agian.

African Kelli said...

You are such a good cook Sarah! So glad to see your little man is on the mend.