Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend Projects (Part II)

On Friday night & Saturday morning I made this sling for Simon. He wore it for about 2 hours on Saturday and no more....he doesn't mind his cast. Still looks cool, right?
Spare room/former office (aka junk room) before.
Half the room after. I still need to clean up the really messy side but that is for another weekend.
I have been meaning to put a hand held shower in the kids bathroom since we moved in last year.

With the splint/cast situation for Simon, I finally really did it. However, not without putting the hose on backwards and spraying the whole bathroom with water. It does work well now. ;)Former home of the day bed & trundle (in the loft).New computer desk that I put together and put in the place of the "junk" in the loft. Hopefully the kids will find this location a better place to use the computer.
Ok, I am tired...need to clean up downstairs and get ready for the short week.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.


JerseyGirl said...

Good for you getting your projects done! Too bad Simon only used the sling for 2 hours. Lol. Nice effort on your part! Your rooms look nice, too!

I don't think you should feel guilty for sending the kids to another room to watch tv/play. Everyone, kids and adults, need their own space.

Your food looks and sounds good! I made a mango avocado sandwich today w/lemon mayo for lunch. Mmm! It was supposed to have cilantro-lime mayo but I was out of cilantro and lime so I made a lemon mayo instead.

That baby looked big for a 5-month old! It's always fun to be able to give them back. ;) Talk to you soon!

Diane said...

BTW - I am alwasy so impressed with your electronics/computer abilities. I just don;t have the type brain for it! Thankfully Jen took after her Dad you was in broadcasting and a true electronics buff. Whew.....