Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This morning, after I dropped the kids off, there was a lot of racket from the passenger side rear tire area. When I stopped to investigate, I found a very flat tire.

I have changed quite a few tires in my life so, it wasn't too bad. I was able to get the donut on the car with no problems in 18 minutes start to finish.
I was surprised that NO ONE stopped to help or ask if I was ok. I had pulled off into a side street but there were probably 8 people that passed me as they pulled into work.

Maybe it was the mechanix gloves I wore when I was swapping out the tires. Gloves are a must if you live in the desert because my tires always seem to blow out when the weather is HOT and the tire hotter.

I do remember a time about 10 years ago when I was driving my convertible and I had a blow out. Hmmm...I had 3 males helpers on me like white on rice. Sigh....ah, I guess I am officially past the ingenue stage of my life. (Duh, already knew that!)

Good thing I wore comfortable shoes and pants today instead of the heels and skirt I wore yesterday so I was able to use brute kicking strength to loosen the lug nuts.

Go girl power!!! ;))

P.S. Garage now has the "new rubber" smell.


Diane said...

Glad that you found the incident a challenge and not an upsetting ordeal. Isn;t that a mind blower that people just pass other people in need on the side of the road by? Happened to me once years ago when my car literally died on the freeway going to work very early in the morning. Well, you will have to give me lessons in cchanging a tire next time you are visiting. Something I do not know how to do, though I made sure my daughters did. :-)

Margene said...

I'm impressed!! Good for you. I'd be calling AAA.

Mel said...

I'm sure they saw the gloves and that air of confidence about you and realized that there was nothing they could do that you weren't going to be able to do yourself :-) I can't believe someone didn't at least roll down their window and make sure though. Love the Girl Power! Always feels good when we can do something for ourselves.

photogmichelle said...

You go girl. I am going to have to get me a pair of gloves, I'm always the one driving around in the van. I am in desparate need of new tires and struts/shocks, what kind of tires did you put on?

tocspaw said...

I'm impressed. AAA has done well by me over the years :-)