Friday, September 19, 2008


I love Friday's. Today, on my way home from work I stopped at the local grocery store and picked up a few things, including these gorgeous gladiola. I love them!!! I got lucky earlier this week because I was able to pick up that pretty vase for 75% off. I had gladiola in mind when I bought it!
Based on my Dad's recommendation, I tried out the close up function on my new camera to photograph the flowers. Love the photo. So much I am tempted to try again and then print it for my bedroom!
Have I mentioned I love my new neighborhood??? Well, we are having a girls night in dinner tonight and I was told to bring something yummy to drink. In the spirit of using what I have....too much inexpensive Chardonnay, I found a recipe for white sangria.
Phew, lucky one of my other neighbors brought back my "sangria" pitcher so I could make some for tonight. The recipe can be found here.


photogmichelle said...

Sangria has got to be my favorite drink right now. Fruit and wine, what could be better.

Definitely love the macro feature on the little cameras. Try another one in the morning with some natural light coming in from a window. You'll love it, just use your tripod.

Diane said...

Beautiful gladiola and gorgeous picture. Look forward to seeing th eone taken (if you do) as Michelle suggests with natural light streaming in from the window. Glad you are enjoying your new camera! Love sangria too, and try all sorts of recipes for it. How did this one turn out? Sounds good. Have fun tonight!

The Girl from Mozambique said...

Yumm! Us europeans like our sangria very much. :-)