Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of School

I know, I know, I am 3 days behind the actual day!

We have a tradition of a new outfit for the first day of school so here Hannah & Simon are showing off their new duds.

Hannah very happy to see her friends after the summer break.
Simon is you can tell by his wonderful expression.
A good week thus far and hopefully a great year!


Margene said...

Back to school!? That does mean fall is in the air. The kids look so cute but don't tell Simon I said that!

Diane said...

The kids look great in their new outfits and happy to be back with their friends. School started here last week. Amazing that Fall is around the coner. Of course weather-wise, Fall comes late around these parts as I am sure they do in your neck of the woods.
Anyway, here's to a great school year for Hannah and Simon!

photogmichelle said...

They look so cute, love the new clothes tradition. We don't do that, but they do get new lunchboxes.