Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yurt Trip: Day 1

The van as it is being packed....bike rack on but not loaded.
All ready to go, after many bad words said to the bike rack since apparently, it was built for men's bikes with the cross bar. (I learned after I got back there is an extender that makes the bike rack MUCH BETTER for female bikes.)
North Eastern Arizona...
The yurt.
Inside the yurt. It is 16 foot in diameter so it is big enough for a table with 4 chairs, a bookcase and two queen sized futons.
We also biked to the lake and went swimming for awhile. Swimming in a lake was a new experience for the kids since they had only ever been swimming in a swimming pool living in Arizona.
Simon spent the bulk of his vacation hunting bugs. Thankfully, I am not afraid of his bugs so I could just tell him what they were and have him set them free.
The neighbors on Saturday had children...we see Hannah playing dog-opoly with Emma.
Her brother Thomas with Simon and their dog, Buster.
We had great weather and s'mores with popcorn cooked over the fire after dinner.

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