Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Food

I bought this Cut-N-Seal product from the Pampered Chef after seeing sandwiches made by Michelle. We tried it this afternoon and the kids loved their round sandwiches with no crust.
We had a busy day....hairdresser for me, a 1 year old birthday party and then swimming at the house. I didn't feel like cooking to Chili's we went. I ordered the Sunrise Margarita and it was so pretty, I thought I should take a photo.
It tasted good too!


Diane said...

How fun is that new Pampered Chf toy?! I bet the kids love it. The margarita does look real pretty, love the glass too and their tiled tables make a perfect backdrop for it.

The Girl from Mozambique said...

I have one of those toys too, gotta start using it.

photogmichelle said...

I think I had mine for two years before I really started using it. now the boys call their sandwiches squishy sandwiches. it does waste a bit of bread, but I end up eating their crusts. if they are eating, I'm all happy with it.

Awesome looking margarite, I could certainly go for one of those right now.