Thursday, August 28, 2008


Notice anything on Simon's right hand??? Well, he fell off the monkey bars at school this morning and then fell on the stairs later in the day. It is broken right above his wrist on the thumb side. Splint today and cast on Tuesday.
The x-ray tech was nice and printed us an x-ray. Not a full break but 2/3 of the way through the bone above the thumb. (Camera one on the way)
Tomorrow is wear your college color day at work. However, since I am thousands of miles away from the place I went to college, I decided to improvise. I bought a vintage T at Joann's, some stamps & paint.
Voila. You can see I used a level in hopes of getting the letters somewhat even on my shirt. ;)


Diane said...

Oh no, poor Simon! Hope the cast time is in the normal time frame for the both of you! Great job on your college T-shirt! Have fun tomorrow, and a big hug for Simon.

datatech57 said...

Which Concordia was that? I am assuming it was one of the Lutheran Concordias, as I don't know of any other, but, he, I could be wrong!