Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Sky

This is the picture right out of my bedroom window. I watch the sun rise many mornings as I am getting ready for work.

It makes me feel calm and that the decisions of the last year and half have been the right ones, no matter how difficult.

Sigh...my itty bitty camera appears to be dying so I need to start looking for another one. Maybe there will be some sales this Labor Day weekend.


Diane said...

Beautiul sky, beautiful new day. wonderful way to start it!

Kate said...

What a beautiful sky.

It is nice to start a day with peace in the heart, and good knowing that the dicisions taken, have been the right ones. You are a tough lady!!!

photogmichelle said...

oh man, I know how much you love that camera. I just got a really nice and really small camera as a replacement for a camera that broke and BestBuy replaced, Canon SD1100is. it should be on some pretty decent sales and it comes in nifty colors as well.

What a wonderful way to start the day!!