Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yurt Day 3: Trying to get out of the rain

Sunrise, not sunset. I was up early every day but this is the only one I had the camera with me. I sat on the "patio" outside the yurt with my diet coke and knitting. It was a gorgeous morning.
Once I told Hannah & Simon that I have been to 42 states, they wanted to get another state on their list. Since New Mexico was only 15 miles from where we were staying, we hit the state line and took photos.
Day 3 had a lot of rain...actually, late on day 2 was a lot of rain so it was no surprise we were trying to get out of the rain. We spent a lot of time trying to find something to do without rain. We found an hour or so to take a spin on go-karts. Hannah did a great job driving herself around the track
after the go-karts, we also played 18 holes of mini golf. Um, there was quite a bit of "discussion" between Hannah & Simon about whose turn it was, who was first and who would win....needless to say, we did not keep score.
We beat the rain at the yurt long enough to cook steaks over the campfire before we got hit with a long round of rain. Even with the rain, a great day.

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Diane said...

David and I used to take the girls minature golfing when they were younger. We always had such fun together playing.