Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yurr Trip: Day 2 Painted Desert & Petrified Forest

Our friend's loaned us this fancy "camp" stove. Pancakes & eggs for breakfast.
On the way (100+ miles) to the petrified forest we ran into this stop light in the middle of nowhere.
The view to the left of the van...
and to the right.
The painted desert in the background. Pictures do not do it justice.
Newspaper rock at the petrified forest. Hundreds of petroglyphs.

The teepee's within the forest.
Hannah & Simon with a piece of petrified wood.
The view looking out from the petried wood photo.
A gorgeous and informative 22 mile drive through the Petried Forest National Park.

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Diane said...

How hysterical is the stop light in the middle f absolutely NO WHERE??!! What a trip! That's really a nice stove your freinds loaned you for the trip. looks like you cooked up some tasty things.