Sunday, August 17, 2008


I know some of the readers of my blog are Mom's so I have a question.

Background first: I live in a two storey house that has a great room downstairs (with tv, dvd player & dvr) and a loft upstairs (tv & dvd player). I watch quite a bit of kid programming (Hannah Montana, Sponge Bob, etc.) because it is downstairs on the dvr. Today we went to the library and picked up some kid dvd's.

I told the kids they needed to watch them upstairs and there is some Mom guilt. However, I LOVE being downstairs in the kitchen, doing some baking and listening to my iPod on my IHome.

Do any of you readers struggle with Mom guilt of asking for time to yourself.

Hmm...guess I am enjoying my quiet too much. ;))


The Queen said...

Never allow yourself to subcome to Mom-Guilt. They need time away from you too and frankly, it is OK that they sit upstairs and watch kid movies while you enjoy some time with your iPod in the kitchen -- after all you probably are cooking dinner for them.

We have enough things to be guilty about -- seriously sending them upstairs is the least of it. (Now the 3 hours of TV I allowed in order to let my sick body sleep a little, might push me over the edge...just saying)

Heather said...

I think I've taken Mom Guilt to unhealthy levels. For years I put the kids needs/wants in front of mine. That's not a good thing. Every Mom needs a bit of alone time to re-group and relax. In the long run, it makes you a better Mom.

Don't be like me and wait nearly 19 years to learn the hard way.

Kate said...

First of all, beautiful photos of your trip. I have been watching all your updates.
Then to the Mom quilt: We have a room downstairs, with tv, dvd, pc, playstation, and both of my girls is having a great time down there.
And they prefer some time of their own, they always had. Just like we adults also need some space. Let them have their own room, and you can have yours.
It is lovely to have some quite time, sitting in my sofa, knitting alone.

Diane said...

I always thought that when my daughter was young that having separte time form me was agood thing for her too! Our family room was separate form the kicthen back then so she watched TV in the family room while I spent time cooking and/or baking in the kicthen. I didn't feel guilty about it. You don;t need to either.

The Girl from Mozambique said...

If you are spending plenty (as a defined by you) of time with them, then time for yourself is necessary.

photogmichelle said...

there should be no mom guilt, you are simply asking for some time where you don't have to watch/listen to kids programming. Plus, you said you did some baking, so all is good in everyone's world.

I wish I have a two story at times. our family room is all kids all the time. i tried to watch a show for me the other day and got stink eye from the 4 year old. I pretty much only let them watch tv during my niece's nap or a bit after dinner to wind down.

African Kelli said...

Not yet a mom, but I will tell you that from a child's perspective, my mom was much, much nicer to be around when she'd had time to be fulfilled. When she made time for herself, the time she spent with us was more focused and better quality.