Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yurt: Final Day

There were clouds in the distance so I made the executive decision to pack up. So, in honor of that, I built a fire so the kids could roast hot dogs and make s'mores (yes, for breakfast).

I also made Bannock Bread, which we used to make on camping trips when I was a kids. Served with honey it was yummy. The jury is still out with Hannah & Simon.
We went on the petroglyph hike in the park.
that took use to a high point that overlooked the lake and campground.
We saw many petroglyphs on our little hike.
And then kept hiking up...
Where we found a little cave.

Took a last minute dip in the lake.
And headed home. There was a lot of thunder while I was packing up. We drove through lots of different rain showers, even some that scared me because I could barely see the road and couldn't stop for fear of hydroplaning off the road.
Here are some of the clouds and some of the remnants of the Rodeo-Chediski fire that happened in 2002. It is amazing to see large areas where there are only a few trees and they are burnt to a crisp.
I was very happy to see blue sky as we started getting out of the higher elevations. Now, to unearth from the mountains of laundry.


Heather said...

What a lovely vacation! Give me a call when you get settled.

JerseyGirl said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! You got some beautiful shots! I love driving through the painted desert. NE AZ almost feels alien. The yurts were really nice!

We were in IN as you were driving past Four Peaks! :)

Diane said...

Too much fun and it was great you met "neighbors" with kids. Your accomendations look great -- how fun is that?! Glad the three of you had big fun. Sorry you got rained out though.