Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stupid Shoes Seen at the Ostrich Festival

Ok, so it rained 2.5 inches in Chandler Yesterday. The Ostrich Festival is held at a park about 1 mile from the house. It is grass & dirt and there are areas in which the water could very easily accumulate, like right here in front of the main stage. This is what it looked like when we got there at 12:00 Noon today.
Now, here are what my shoes looked like after an hour. There was standing water and truthfully, anywhere the rides were located were a quagmire of mud. The kids didn't seem to care and I intentionally wore shoes that could be hosed down at the end of the day. There is NO WAY that your shoes & the bottom of your pants would not be covered in mud by the time you left.
However, that did not mean people (ok, women) made shoe choices based on WHERE they were going. Nope, they went for fashion over usability. I actually heard a husband ask his wife, in sandals similar to those shown as she was trying to jump over a small puddle in the driest area of the park, why she had worn such stupid shoes!
Now, believe me, if you walked in the mud and your shoes were not securely fastened to your foot, they would no longer be ON your foot.
These are some of the better of the worst shoes seen today.
This one gets 3rd prize for poor shoe choices. However, she wins for worst outfit choice!
2nd prize....although you can't see the heels, they are 2-3 inch spikes under the jeans, hence the turned up toes because she was sinking into the wet dirt.
AND THE WINNER IS.........4 inch spike heels seen below!
Up tomorrow or later today? Photos of the HB family at the Ostrich Festival.


jj said...

I swear some people, ya gotta wonder how they're able to reproduce! (what with natural selection and this tar pit like day) :D

Can I ask you a favor? I lost a recipe that I got from CR, but I'm not sure it even made it to the archives. It was one that came from a newspaper and I know I posted that I tried it, but I don't know if it was copied into the archives. It's for a BBQ Pork, NC-style I think, and it had white wine in the sauce?

I was going to write to Bob and ask, but I can't find his email address. :(
Thank you!
JJ (dibranchia at gmail dot com)

YarnB said...

That is hysterical!!
Really funny!
Who could even walk in boots like that? But what is even funnier is that you thought to take those photos! LOL.

photogmichelle said...

That is just hilarious, I can't believe that people were wearing some idiotic shoes, why would they want to ruin good heels for the Ostrich Festival.

JerseyGirl said...

oh man...nice photo compilation sarah. Good thing you only took pictures of shoes to protect all of the stupid people's identities! I think my favorite photo is the one w/the pointy toes pointing right up into the air b/c the heels are stuck waaay into the mud. Lol. It's so bad. What are people thinking...apparently fashion and not functionality. It's the ostrich festival-not a night out in scottsdale.

African Kelli said...

Oh, you HAVE to do more posts like this. I love it! What was that woman in red thinking? It looks like she is wearing an ice skating costume!

Paula said...

The flip-flops don't look like that bad an idea, as long as you don't mind muddy feet and having to go back for your shows after crossing an especially sticky puddle.

We spent all of Saturday out on and by the water, as the first rain in 145 days coincided with the local Desert Sprints regatta. It was miserable.