Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Things are A Changin'

You know your luck must be changing when.......your "new to me" minivan has 35,070 miles on it and the air conditioner compressor bites the dust.

That means in 930 more miles, I would have had to pay for the $1,200 compressor out of my pocket. However, since we are in warranty, the air conditioning/compressor tune up won't cost me a dime plus they will do one final check on recalls and such before the warranty expires in 930 miles.

AAAAAhhhhhh, just in time for the summer air conditioning season!!!! Cold air for me this summer.

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JerseyGirl said...

Good news! Andy's air compressor went out oh about 2 years ago and we have yet to replace it. Hard to justify when he has a 2.5 mile commute to work and we usually use my car if we have to go any distance. Had we still lived in AZ, that compressor would have been fixed pronto!