Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Alison came to VISIT!!!

We had a nice group last night at Red Kangaroo Wines.

Heather was wearing her new socks. I am knitting another baby hat. I am using a mixture of these two patterns. The Rolled Brim Baby Hat with Topknot and Harlequin Cap. I am almost finished this morning. And the big Star of the evening....Alison came to visit from Atlanta!! She brought with her Zila the monkey. Zila has her own website but I can't find it!!

Pam was taking apart her hat that she has been working on for her aunt.

We also had Paula (working on her hubby's sweater), Nancy , Eva, Karen and Michelle. This is Roger, one of the co-owners of Red Kangaroo!
Alison, we are looking forward to seeing you next Thursday when you are in town for the wedding!!!

This is the scene when I got home....Obie rolling around on the floor with some loud toy! On Monday I was sitting in my office trying to figure out what this banging noise was in the bathroom. When I went to investigate, it turned out it was Obie playing with a golf ball.


Heather said...

Last night was so much fun! Zila is a lush, though.

Sedie said...

Looks like you had some fun there! I love the hats. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

Jody said...

Alison called and told me of her fun all mean so much to her. It was great seeing her pix on your blog. Thanks, Sarah, for asking about Gerry....he's doing really well!