Monday, February 06, 2006

When the 'Rents Move Out

Dad & Linda are now officially "Homeless" as they have cleaned out their apartment and are now visiting places and trying to figure out where they will next put down roots.

So....I got their spice cabinet and some of their pantry. There are a whole bunch of Penzey's spices (I have successfully avoided their store in Scottsdale because I know I would spend A LOT of money!), a lot of baking chocolate (unsweetened, semi-sweetened, dark), some chocolate dessert cups, scone mix, REALLY GOOD CHOCOLATE POWDER, powdered buttermilk and a Paul Prodhomme cookbook and accompanying spice mix.
I have been eyeing that powdered buttermilk at Basha's these past couple of months but I guess there was a reason I never bought it because I was going to get some in the mail. That is a big container of buttermilk to use up in a short time!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, there are also a couple of chai packets. One is spice and one is RASPBERRY! I know what I am having with my breakfast tomorrow.

Oh wait, I also got a lot of Estee Lauder samples and a green "bowling bag" style purse that must have been a free gift with purchase some time ago! I am always changing purses so this will be great!

Ooohhh...almost forgot about the Kahlua!! It arrived safely and only lost a little bit.

Thanks Dad & Linda.


JerseyGirl said...

nice score! spices are pricy. Good luck to your dad and linda, where every they end up!

prince was on snl last weekend...did you tivo it? I missed it...heard the first song was FUNKY.

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, that's sure a great bunch of stuff you got! Do enjoy your Chai, and I have my fingers crossed that your Dad and Linda will find a great place for themselves! Best wishes from Austria!