Sunday, February 19, 2006


It has been one of those days.....Simon has a bit of a cold and is in a real cruddy mood. As I was going to see if he was taking a nap, I see this in Hannah's room. Um, I guess Obie is just making himself comfortable on Hannah's bed.

I had to go out and get some ribbon to finish some booties that I am making for a client so I took Hannah with me. We also went to Target to get her a new bike helmet. If you can imagine me, standing about 5 foot away from Hannah while I take this photo, you can see how close she was to me most of the outing. Um, am I already persona non-grata at AGE 7!? If so, she can stay home....with Dad from now on when I run errands on the weekend.
The finished hat & booties. The hat is a mixture of two patterns, the yarn is Dale of Norway Stork yarn (100% cotton) and the bootie pattern is the stay on baby booties from the 2005 knitting pattern a day calendar.
David & I are hoping to plan our adult only vacation for the beginning of April. However, the package we bought at a fundraiser to this resort, is not panning out like it should because Continental can't get us to Curacao except for once a week and we only have 4 nights hotel. If we take the 1X per week flight, we also will be required to spend an additional night coming and going in scenic Newark, NJ. The only positive thing might be that we can have dinner with Kristina & Andy.

I am hoping the nice lady I spoke with yesterday can come up with another solution. We don't mind going somewhere else in the Carribbean but we definitely want an all inclusive resort, including adult beverages! ;)


Ashley said...

Oooo. Curacao. What a yummy word. It just sounds like a heavenly place to visit. Makes me wish two things:
1. I knew how to get that little curly-cue thing on the c (I used to know what that curly-cue thing is called...). And,
2. That I looked like Cameron Diaz in a string bikini so I could really soak up lots of rays and rum.

JerseyGirl said...

Newark's the armpit of NJ but we'd love to see you! :) Good luck booking your trip.

CUTE hat and booties!

I didn't realize how BIG obi was until I saw him on the bed! Yowza!

Hannah's already embarrassed to be seen in public w/Mom at Age 7...good luck w/that! ;)

Catherine Kerth said...

ooooh! you guys deserve it!!! oh man i envy your little bit of freedom :) looks like Obie found himself a comfortable spot !

African Kelli said...

I love the hat and booties! Such pretty colors. I miss the group and I won't be able to make it tonight. I hope you are doing well!