Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Arizona Living

The show was taped this morning and will air tomorrow on a local station in Phoenix.

Here is the display of some of my bags and knitting "stuff" on the set. I think the towel racks looked really good and made it so you could see the bags.

Laurel D'Antoni and I on the couch.
After the taping I figured I was SSSOOOO CLOSE to this great restaurant by my old work. This intersection brought back many memories from when I first moved to Phoenix 11 years ago. I used to hit this intersection at 35th Avenue & Thomas every day on my way to work in the 'hood.
I had lunch at this Mexican restaurant. Their carnitas burritos are to die for and their salsa usually is really spicy without being bum kicking. The carnitas was as good as always but the salsa was a bit meek for me. Almost GRINGO! I did have their green salsa that is really creamy. Although it was good, the salsa was not as I remembered. I guess nothing ever is the same as you remember but.......still a nice trip down Memory Lane.

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JerseyGirl said...

LA MEXICANA! :) Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I miss our lunches there. It's too bad the salsa wasn't as good as you remembered but glad the carnitas were up to par.

You're lookin mighty fine on the set of AZ Living Sarah! I wish I still lived out there so I could see you on tv! =) I love those bags. Even Andy was impressed w/the bags when I showed him your site the other day!