Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Son is So Vain.....

Hmmm...must take after Dad's side of the family.

So, I am standing in my bathroom blow drying my hair when Simon comes in and asks for help with his shirt. He is all independent you know so it is a crap shoot as to what he will come out of his room dressed in on any given day.

After I help him with his shirt, he turns around and looks in the full length closet door mirror and says in a consternated 3 year old voice, "Mom (think 3 syllables here), look at my hair!"

I try to help him by spraying it with some Infusium but NO WAY JOSE, he wants MOUSSE! And wants to do it all by himself!

I called David and told him to do it since he started the whole mousse in Simon's hair thing.

Definitely the more vain side of the family!!! ;)


Marina said...

Sounds like my eldest son and I have had something like 16, 17 years of it. Good luck ;-)

Catherine Kerth said...

okay, kids crack me up! that is so cute sarah, i bet you laugh everytime you look back on it:)