Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hannah's 7th Birthday Party

Hannah had her 7th birthday party at McDonald's on Saturday.

Here are some random shots of the birthday girl! and her friends.

Kathly, Jocob, Zhoonie, Hannah, Jenny, Erica & Reece.

Cutting the birthday cake. Her friends were very helpful getting all the cake distributed. They are all big sisters and must help at home!

Erica & Zhoonie.
Hananh with Wendy, Jenny & Simon.
Hananh, Wendy, Kathlyn & Erica in the bubble.
Jacob, the token boy other than Simon. All the girls were chasing him and he was LOVING it!

Jacob used to call Hannah almost every day last year when they were in kindergarten together.
Erica, Kathlyn & Victoria.
We had a fun time and I was tired when we went home!

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photogmichelle said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!! You look like you had a blast