Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Chemo Cap & Music Mix

I have a friend just starting a new round of chemo so.....I made her a hat yesterday.

It is the Honeybear Hat from Exquisite Little Knits. I used Cream Stork Yarn (Dale of Norway) and Crystal Palace Waikiki in Fern.

A very soft hat and stretchy too. Hopefully, this will be soft and not too warm.

Yesterday we were listening to the Blend Station on satellite radio on Direct TV and they played the following four songs.

Cher: Believe
Culture Club: Time
Keith Urban: Making Memories of Us
Donna Summer: Hot Stuff
38 Special: Caught Up in You

I liked all the songs, could sing along to them but really thought they were an odd blend.

However, Donna Summer is now on my ipod! ;)


JerseyGirl said...

I love the colors of the chemo cap! The sparkly green especially. That was nice of you to make the hat for your friend.

That is an odd mix of music but I guess that's why it's called the blend station. We have over 4000 songs on our ipod now! It's insane! Technology blows my mind.

African Kelli said...

Man you are moving fast. I spent three hours on my hat for Ruth and I've got about two inches done. Geesh!