Saturday, February 18, 2006

Prayer Shawl Saturday

I went over the the Prayer Shawl knitting group this morning for a bit of fellowship and knitting. Here is Rachel, our pied piper, working with some brown Homespun.

Cathy is working on a red & white with sparkle shawl. She got the yarn for $3 out at the Mesa Swap Mart. Hmmm...I gotta go to that yarn shop. It sounds like the kind of prices I LOVE!
Marcia (not shown) is working on a shawl with the Lion Brand Mohair and Marie is working on a couple of crocheted shawls in Homespun.

Here are a couple of Marie's shawls from "scrap" yarn. The orange one is aptly named, Orange Sherbet. Marie is a master at using up small amounts of yarn to make gorgeous shawls!
Here she is modeling a shawl for her Granddaughter in Homespun. I think she said it was named Blue Ocean.
Here is my prayer shawl destined for Hawaii in the future. This is 4 repeats of the pattern. After you have done it once, it is easy to figure out how it goes and whether you have made a mistake or not.
Here is a close up. I really like this pattern a lot. It is pertty yet an easy lacey type pattern.

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