Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tuesday Morning

I have been wondering how I can display the bags while a table next week so I went to Tuesday Morning and found this Valet Stand that works perfectly. However, they only had 1 and even though they said they had more at another one, it was actually a free standing toilet paper holder.

Alas, I am off to Bed Bath & Beyond this week to pick up a couple more.

During my travels at the numerous Tuesday Morning's (3 to be exact), I saw these but resisted buying them. They are straight Balene needles. There is a set of 5 sizes (10, 9, 8, 7 & 6) for $5.99!!! Tempting but I already have those sizes, exept 10 in aluminum. However, these were available in Ahwatukee & Gilbert.
The Gilbert store also had orange & yellow Cottonease and pink & blue polar spun. I did find Cottonease in the blue at the Ahwatukee store and bought two bags.
Another thing I saw at the Ahwatukee store and resisted buy in was 2 circular needle rolls by Elizabeth Arden. This is the same brand I bought at FF at their sale in Jan. 2005. One was $14.99 and one was $9.99. I have no idea what the difference was but since I already had 2 of them, I did not buy another. They also had some quilted Elizabeth Arden knitting bags. There was one with Zebra's that reminded me of Kelli but it was still $17.99 (a bit too expensive for a yarn bag) so if you are in the market, there is clearance Lion Brand at all the stores but only one bag of the blue left in Ahwahtukee!!!


YarnB said...

Wow, Sarah..I will go to the Tuesday Morning stores up here (I think there are two) and see what they have! I would love the needle bags! Good finds...

Anonymous said...

Do you think there's a way you can pick me up some of the pink? Our Tuesday Morning never had the pink (I've got orange and blue hoping to make Sitcom Chic at some point) but I really would like some pink.

JJ (

tocspaw said...

I saw those needles, and was tempted, too! Too bad I already have those sizes - I wish there were some in sizes 2-6 instead. Your bags look great!

African Kelli said...

Oh man! I think I may need to go get it. That and I am now knitting a super secret project (I'll show you Thursday) in cotton yarn. I should go get some of that!