Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekend Knitting Review

This is one ball finished of the red shawl. I will DEFINITELY need a 3rd ball of yarn to make it big enough. It is going really well and it is interesting knit that has some thought but not all engrossing that I can't talk or watch TV.
I started the ubiquitous Jaywalker Socks last night. It is quite easy but....I made a boo boo in the pattern when I started knitting the pattern section. It wasn't painfully obvious to me that the two knit in front & back loops are supposed to be side by side (the pattern needs one little asterisk after the end of the pattern repeat) until you count how many stitches the repeat was 5 rows later. So, I had to (GASP!) rip back to the end of the ribbing and fix it. Once I figured that out, it is a really easy knit so far. I think I'll do a few more inches and than start the heel.
My baby boy has an ear infection. He woke up on Saturday & Sunday night screaming that his ear hurt (first night, wondered if it was a fluke) but after spending 3 hours up and down with him, I knew we were on our way to the doctor yesterday. Why, yes, he did have an ear infection but is in a better mood after starting the antibiotics and taking a 3 hour nap.


Heather said...

Poor baby...I hope he feels much better.

Jody said...

Sorry to hear about the baby's ear infection. Hope he is doing better. Thank you so much for always thinking of Gerry. It means so much to me.